“I bought my house ‘BECAUSE OF THE GARDEN”

“I want to do my garden but I don’t want it looks DIY”

“I overthink ideas”

“I don’t know how to put things together”

If all this sounds familiar you are in the right place!

I am Carlo Gabriele, and I’ve created this website because I want to help you.

I’ve been designing gardens all around Italy for 12 years, from big properties to small spaces. In 2014 I moved to Melbourne, Australia, where I started my own firm, Carlo Gabriele Gardens.

I usually work for people who want me to create beautiful gardens, but I know that there are people out there like you, who want to design their garden by themselves. I’ve met and spoken with a lot of them, and they usually face the same issue: they don’t know how to put their ideas together and make them look good.

During my career I have studied the rules that make a garden looking great, and I am keen to help people who want to design their own garden. I want to teach them how to put their ideas together to design something great.

Just think what you could achieve:

It feels amazing when your garden looks great!

It feels amazing when your friends get jealous of your garden!

It feels amazing when your landscaper does exactly what you want and not what he or she wants!

I want you to have control of the design and the process involved in making a garden, so you can also control the costs.

No more frustration, no more overthinking, no more fear of making the wrong decision and wasting your money.

I want to help you to create your own beautiful garden, enjoying season after season this ‘extra room’ that makes your house so special. I want to help you to feel amazing!

Are you ready to follow me?

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