(I didn’t edit the article on purpose: it’s like me speaking with you right now)

In some days I will turn 40. Wow. It looked so far away!

So, because this is the last time that you will hear from me while I am still 39, I really would like to have a serious conversation with you, and share the most important lesson that I’ve learned so far from gardens.

This time only I will be serious, and then I’ll start again writing fun and entertaining articles as usual. I swear 🙂

You know, every day we all experience a kind of conflict: the world where we live in is a physical world; it’s a world that is completely informed by our five senses. But what we can experience through them is limited: senses turn off our inner voice. Call it gut, or soul if you like. I call it intuition.

In a garden, for example, there are flowers and scents and noises and lights and a lot of ‘tinsels’. There is a certain enjoyment to be gained by the material world, it’s a physical pleasure. But I want to show you the other side of it: there is something much deeper and much more profound that is beneath all of these things.

Material world is not permanent. Think for example to the most beautiful flowering tree: it has a moment of glory, and then that’s it. Everything passes when it’s time. There is a time frame, a right moment, and there is nothing you can do once you are out of it.

I used to think that I wanted to be the best designer, that I wanted to leave a mark and that’s why I pushed myself so hard for years. Being honest, I still want to be a great designer, even if today I am not interested anymore in moving design forward as I was in the past. Design needs to be moved forward when it’s right to do it: it needs to change when life changes.

But what I have finally accepted is that one day I’ll be irrelevant: no matter how hard I try, once my moment is gone, I might just leave.

No matter how much money or power you have, no matter how many times you get yourself pulled up, how many makeovers or what you do, nothing lasts. And once you can accept that, you can finally see the beauty of it all.

But what is real, what is lasting, is who you are and what you are meant to bring. What is the gift that you are meant to bring. And nobody can take that away from you.


A big hug,